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Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop, also known as lyra, is a circus art form and a discipline of aerial acrobatics. In a hoop suspended from the ceiling, you can take your strength, flexibility and balance to a whole new level.

Even without previous experience, you can playfully build the necessary muscles and coordination in this course and learn beautiful figures that are connected in small sequences and choreographies.

Here you can discover your creativity and physical fitness in a whole new way. Are you ready to challenge gravity? Then swing into the Aerial Hoop and start your adventure in the air.

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock is a type of aerial acrobatics that involves performing tricks and sequences in and on fabric loops hanging from the ceiling.

You may already know the tissues from Aerial Yoga. Unlike there, Aerial Hammock focuses on more acrobatic and creative executions in the air. Even as a beginner you can quickly build up the necessary strength, improve your flexibility and train your coordination and body awareness. Unleash your creativity with impressive tricks and develop breathtaking choreographies in the air.

Aerial Hammock is an optimal full-body workout and the perfect introduction to the world of aerial acrobatics!

Pictures of our aerial acrobatics classes

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