Training with Intention

Let us inspire you!

At IMA we want to share our passion for stretching, contortion, acrobatics and aerial arts with you. After years of experience as artists and trainers, we have developed a unique concept to provide an intention and ideal success to your training.

Grow Beyond Yourself

We believe that focused and challenging work with your own body is not only a great way to increase your flexibility and strength, but also to experience yourself and your body. The aesthetic aspect of body art offers a wonderful and creative form of expression for your personality. Going to your own limits and maybe beyond them, lets you master seemingly unattainable things and grow beyond yourself.

Wellbeing and Encouragement

It is our intention to create a beautiful and creative place where everyone from beginner to professional feels comfortable. Here we want to share our common passion for artistry and give our family community space for sporting, artistic and social exchange. Whether artistry is a challenging hobby, a professional goal or a form of personal development for you: You decide how far you want to go and we will support you!

Our Team

Quality is our top priority: In small groups with experienced instructors you will receive optimum support through individual feedback and targeted corrections from the basics to advanced tricks.

Our professionally trained team has acquired its knowledge in first-class education and through years of training. A permanent training guarantees you a high quality and safe training with measurable success.

We help you to achieve your training goals with our profound knowledge!

CEO | Stretching | Contortion| Handstand | Acrobatics | Aerial Hammock | Aerial Hoop


Nicole began her athletic career in rhythmic gymnastics at the Kinder- und Jugendsportschule in Leipzig. At the age of 14, she began her training as an artist at the state school for artists in Berlin. She then performed her contortion show in variety theaters and television shows around the world for more than 20 years.

Nicole began teaching at an early age alongside her artistry. Today she trains both children and adults, beginners and professionals, and enthusiastically passes on her experience to them.

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CEO | Stretching | Contortion


Sherry has felt a strong connection to dance since her childhood and discovered fusion bellydance for herself. Soon afterwards, she also began taking acrobatics lessons. She is particularly fond of contortion and flexibility training, which she has been training with Nicole with great enthusiasm.

She has been teaching since 2018 and is delighted to be able to share her passions. In her lessons, she particularly likes to respond individually to participants. It is important to her to ensure a healthy posture and correct execution of the exercises.

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Stretching | Contortion | Handstand | Acrobatics


Rosa, born and raised in Stuttgart, discovered her love for circus arts at a young age through the youth circus "Calibastra". 

Her passion for the circus brought her to America after graduating from high school, where she worked for a year as an artist and trainer at "Circus Mojo". She then trained for several years as a stage dancer at "Balance1" in Berlin. She also trained as an artist at the IVA International Variety Academy with Nicole.

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Stretching | Aerial Hammock | Aerial Hoop


Olena Yakymenko is a graduate of the renowned circus school in Kiev and has wowed audiences at circus festivals in the UK, Holland and China (bronze medal) and at the "Traumtänzer- Best of Variete" TV festival and circus festival in Wiesbaden (best performance). With her solo performance on the ring, she has impressed in numerous variety, gala and TV shows in Europe. In June 2003, she enchanted Prince Rainier III of Monaco in Monte Carlo on the occasion of his 80th anniversary.

Olena has been teaching aerial and pole acrobatics for many years, e.g. at the former IVA Berlin. Helene Fischer is one of her most famous students.

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Stretching | Contortion


Marie has been training various artistic disciplines with great enthusiasm since 2011. Contortion, pole dance and flexibility training in particular constantly offer her new challenges and open up countless opportunities to develop her athletic and creative skills. Marie loves working on challenging new tricks and incorporating them into a wide variety of choreographies and sequences.

Marie has been working as a trainer since the beginning of 2016 and has thus discovered a completely different side to her passion. She enjoys getting her students excited about contortion and stretching and helping them to learn new techniques.

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The IMA was established at the end of 2022 from former trainers, students and employees of the IVA Berlin, which created a place for many hundreds of people to train, teach and exchange ideas from 2011 to 2021. Unfortunately, the IVA had to close its doors for good in 2021. Many students and trainers missed a place for creative exchange and professional training and so the idea of a new foundation was born.

Starting again from scratch gives us the opportunity to learn from the past. We can build on what has proven successful and improve on others. So we started with an intention: we defined what inspires and motivates us about artistry and how we can use it to pass on something valuable to others. Based on this approach, we formulated clear goals for our future training projects: We want to make a difference with our offer and support people in their personal development..

Our focused and challenging training approach provides a wide range of opportunities to work intensively with your own body. From improving health, flexibility and self-confidence, physical self-awareness and personality development, as an aesthetic and creative form of expression, to professional training for artistry - we have developed specialized offers for all these needs.

The name was quickly found: IMAIntentional Movement Academy in reference to the IVA International Variety Academy and read differently AIMAcademy (of) Intentional Movement.

IMA - train with an intention and a goal - AIM higher!