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Stretching & Contortion


Stretching is a well-rounded full-body workout to improve your flexibility. Our Full Body Stretching class offers an ideal introduction for those who have little or no previous experience. In this class you will learn different techniques and strength building exercises and develop a better body awareness.

If you have previous experience with stretching and are aiming for higher goals, our Stretching Intensive classes are the right choice. In these classes we focus either on splits or back flexibility. With targeted strength and stretching exercises, you will build up step by step the foundation for safe and deep stretches. The courses are suitable for all levels and offer a good additional training for contortion to develop more range of motion for particularly deep stretches.


In our contortion classes we learn to realize complex and demanding poses with the acquired strength and flexibility.

In Contortion Beginner you will intensively deepen your flexibility and master your first tricks. You will work on bridge variations such as forearm bridge, dropbacks, turning and walking in bridge, and forearm stands.
In Contortion Advanced, previous knowledge and an independent warm up are required. We will perfect tricks learned in the beginner classes and work on figures such as chest stand, needle scale, tear drop and sequences.

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